It’s About What Matters

Every day I take the same path to my office. I walk up the escalator to get above the ground at Farragut West; then veer slightly right for just a moment before turning up 18th Street. Along the road, a thousand straight times, I pass the same three homeless people, all anchored to the same spots, like tenants refusing eviction. The first man is always Read More →

Meeting Girls on MTA

This blog is going to be on hiatus for a bit as I move my ass up to New York City. But fret not. I’m not going away. Stay the fuck tuned.

How Not To Handle Your Ex’s Engagement Online

Everyone knows navigating a break up on social media is difficult: the confusion about what to post, the doubt about when to check, the constant, consistent urge to sit alone in your room and eat only Thai food (which might have been a pre-internet problem, too). What’s less discussed, but equally as hard, is dealing with an ex getting engaged. Seeing that photo with her Read More →

Four Ways To Stop A Sexting Session

We are all adults here. So we can cut through the bullshit. You know, I know, even your father knows, that when you are sexting, you are doing it to get off. Yes, I know some of us do it to pass the time at work, or while commuting, or because we are so lonely and desperate for any attention that we will use sexual Read More →

Bro or Not Bro: God


There are so many daunting questions facing humanity. Who are we? Why are we here? What the fuck is clarified butter? Do I really need to use that instead of regular butter? The answer is yes. It has a higher smoke point and allows for much better caramelization on the exterior of your scallops. See, it’s not hard to handle these great mysteries. And I’m Read More →

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